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My Time In Wassaic


Please write a paragraph (or a few!) about your time here in Wassaic. You should say a bit about yourself, where you came from, how you got here, what media you like to work in typically, and what you chose to work on while you were here in Wassaic. Then talk about what Wassaic means to you, how it influenced your work, and what you might want others to know about Wassaic. Write from the heart and write in natural language. We want people to get to know you through this work. Be sure to embed hyperlinked words within these body paragraphs, so that we can link out to your portfolio site, exhibitions, movements, etc. Have fun with this!




By Drew Broderick, June 2018

Where do you call home?

Upstate NY. I just moved to Peekskill.

Why do you make art? Have your reasons changed over time?

The things I make have changed but the reason remains the same— I just have to. I can’t turn that part of my brain off.

What is a song that you never tire of listening to?

Perfect Day by Lou Reed

What have you been reading lately? Thoughts?

I just finished and loved Hunger by Roxane Gay. That’ll tear your heart out.

What drew you into the contemporary art world?

It feels like an exciting place where people have something to say.

How would you describe your work/practice to a total stranger? To a friend’s 5 year old child? To a grandparent?

I decorate pictures of my ancestors and relatives with thousands of beads and a bunch of miniature items to tell their stories.

What are your studio essentials? What is something unexpected a visitor might encounter?

Beads, miniatures, pictures, glue.

Influences: we all have them regardless of whether or not we acknowledge them. Who or what currently inspires your work?

My family and their stories are eternally inspiring to me.

What were your intentions for this residency and how have they changed since being at the Wassaic Project?

I intend to finish two assemblages but I’m open to allowing myself to do anything that comes to me creatively while I’m here.

What role does community play in your work, and how has community shaped your experience of this residency in particular?

I just got here but I already am really inspired by the energy and the minds of the people here. I plan on soaking it up!

How has place influenced your time at the Wassaic Project, and where is your favorite “spot” in Wassaic?

I’m sitting on the back deck of the lodge, looking at these green rolling hills and I’m pretty in love. I feel at peace and that’s a great state of mind to be in.


Photos by Walker Esner