Amanda Martinez, January 2018
Photo by Walker Esner


A community of artists.

Housed in historic buildings in upstate New York, the Wassaic Project offers artists a community where they can explore and expand their practices.

We provide opportunities for artists to exhibit their work and we invite emerging contemporary artists, filmmakers, writers, and everything in between to our residency programs. These artists support each other — and we support them — with visiting artist lectures, monthly artist presentations, studio visits, and 24-hour access to private studio spaces.

And all of this feeds back into our community. We open our studios at the end of each month. We keep all our visiting artist lectures open to the public. And during their time here, residents work for a few hours per month alongside Wassaic Project staff members. It’s a residency of and for Wassaic.


At the heart of what we do.

A re-imagining of cast-off items. An examination of what it means to be “man enough.” An endeavor to help America “achieve” itself. The artists of the Wassaic Project challenge our ideas and perceptions so that we might better understand our world.

To better understand our artists, we sat down with them to hear tales of their time in Wassaic and to explore their practices. We took photos of them and their work and compiled everything into a series of artist profiles so you could get to know them too.

























Nyugen Smith, July 2018
Photo by Walker Esner


Show us what you’ve been making.
Apply now through December 7 for our 2019 Summer Exhibition.


Meet our winter residents.

This December through April, we’re hosting 38 artists-in-residence. They’ll work out of Maxon Mills, our seven-story refurbished grain mill, they’ll attend lectures with artists, curators, and academics, and they’ll live alongside each other in our residency houses.

We’ve linked to all their portfolios here. Peruse them. See who’s here in what month. And then stop by their studios at the end of each month to see what they’ve been working on in Wassaic.

 Devin Morris, January 2018 Photo by Walker Esner

Devin Morris, January 2018
Photo by Walker Esner
























Luther Barn, July 2017
Photo by Verónica González Mayoral


Bring the family along.

Our Family Residency, offered from December through March, lets parents spend 1 to 8 weeks embedded in our Winter Residency. Same studio space, same amenities, same everything.

    Kara Hearn, Bill Miller, and Son, February 2018 Photo by Walker Esner

Kara Hearn, Bill Miller, and Son, February 2018
Photo by Walker Esner
























Vagabond Time Killers, August 2017
Photo by Verónica González Mayoral


More than white walls.

Our exhibitions live in the Maxon Mills, a refurbished 1950s grain elevator in the heart of town. Some sprawl throughout all seven floors, while others take just one floor and transform it into a new world. And all of them feature the best emerging contemporary artists.



Fine Art Editions / Printed in Wassaic












Imaginary Explosions by Caitlin Berrigan, 2016
Photo by Walker Esner


Our alumni are busy.

Thousands of artists-in-residence and exhibition artists have passed through Wassaic in the past ten years. Our monthly alumni gazette keeps track of their exhibitions and publications all over the world.



For Artists and Artist-Run Organizations / Hosted in Wassaic












Hamiltonian Gallery, August 2017






















Sarah Abarbanel's Studio, August 2017
Photo by Verónica González Mayoral


How to apply.

Here are our application timelines.

Summer Exhibition: October 22, 2018 to December 7, 2018

Summer Residency: December 3, 2018 to January 14, 2019

Winter Residency: Mid-May to Late June

Family Residency: Mid-May to Late June

Haunted Mill: Early May to Mid-June