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Winter Residency


A large white mill building covered in snow. Different level of slanted roofs rise above a maroon grain hopper.

Studios, Houses, Facilities

Winter residents work out of ~100 square foot studios in Maxon Mills: a historic grain mill in the heart of town. They have 24-hour access to their studios and our ceramics studio. (Please note that our wood shop and print shop are closed in the winter.)

All residents live just a short walk away in one of our three residency houses, the Schoolhouse, the Lodge, and the HVA, where accommodations include a private bedroom, shared living room/study, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

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Two to three times per month, creative professionals will visit to give short lectures on their work and make one-on-one studio visits with our residents. Our embedded critics, Adam and Lauren of Ghost of a Dream, lead monthly group studio visits, while Co-Director Eve Biddle and our Director of Artistic Programming, Will Hutnick, make one-on-one studio visits with residents. All residents are also invited to participate in a monthly evening of artist’s talks and presentations, and are encouraged to be available on the last Saturday of every month to participate in our Open Studios program.

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Timeline + Review

Our winter residency open call is usually open from early March to early May. We finish review and notify applicants by early August.

Applicants are evaluated by a review panel composed of our Co-Directors, Director of Artistic Programming, and professionals in the field. Residents are selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to engage with the community at large.

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Cost + Aid

We offer our Winter Residency on a sliding scale, from $0–600. It costs us $5,000 per person to host the residency. Most of this is covered by the generous support of donors and grants, but we recommend a contribution of $600 per month per person from artists who are able to contribute. We also offer 10+ fellowships per year, which include a no-fee residency plus an honorarium.

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2023–2024 Winter Residents

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A group of 10 people smile for the camera in front of a large white mill building. There is snow on the ground.

January 2024 artists-in-residence + our programming staff

A view of a small, snowy town from seven floors up.

Wassaic from the top of Maxon Mills

A woman stands in an art studio with her hand on the table, looking at the camera. A bright red scarf is draped across her shoulders.

Saberah Malik, April 2022

A blond woman in green overalls and a yellow shirt sits smiling at the camera in an art studio full of colorful fabric sculptures.

Natalie Baxter, April 2021

A man sits in a chair, smiling at the camera, in an art studio. A couple of his paintings are hung on the wall behind him.

Francesco Gattuso, March 2022