A wide view from outside a white studio of an artist at work. She is hunched over her desk, and her studio is full of in-progress work.

Natessa Amin in her Luther Barn studio, July 2017

All of our residents have 24-hour access to their studios. Our summer studios are in Luther Barn, while our winter studios are in the Old Hotel in Maxon Mills.

A large green barn built into a grassy slope. A red outlined white sign says "LUTHER BARN" next to a half-open door.

Luther Barn

Summer studios

Built in 1875, the Luther Barn features 200–300 square studios in refurbished livestock pens. It's also home to our print shop, wood shop, and Maker Space.

A large white mill building covered in snow. Different level of slanted roofs rise above a maroon grain hopper.

Old Hotel in Maxon Mills

Winter studios

~100 square-foot studio spaces in former hotel rooms.

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