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Summer Residency

May to October

A large green barn built into a grassy slope. A red outlined white sign says "LUTHER BARN" next to a half-open door.

Studios, houses, facilities

Summer residents work out of 200–300 square foot studios in the Luther Barn: a historic livestock barn (built in 1875) in the heart of town. They have 24-hour access to their studios, our print shop, our wood shop, and our ceramics studio.

All residents live just a short walk away in one of our three residency houses, the Schoolhouse, the Lodge, and the HVA, where accommodations include a private bedroom, shared living room, dining room, kitchen, and bathrooms.

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Two to three times per month, creative professionals visit to give short lectures on their work and make one-on-one studio visits with our residents. Our embedded critics, Adam and Lauren of Ghost of a Dream, lead monthly group studio visits, while Co-Director Eve Biddle and Director of Artistic Programming Will Hutnick make one-on-one studio visits with residents.

All residents are also invited to participate in a monthly evening of artist’s talks and presentations, and are encouraged to be available on the last Saturday of every month to participate in our Open Studios program.

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2024 Summer Residents

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Timeline + Review

Our summer residency open call is usually open from August to September. We finish review and notify applicants by early December.

Applicants are evaluated by a review panel composed of our Co-Directors, Director of Artistic Programming, and professionals in the field. Residents are selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to engage with the community at large.

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Cost + Aid

We offer our Summer Residency on a sliding scale, from $0–900. It costs us $5,000 per person to host the residency. Most of this is covered by the generous support of donors and grants, but we recommend a contribution of $900 per month per person from artists who are able to contribute. We also offer 10+ fellowships per year, which include a no-fee residency plus an honorarium.

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"The best 30 consecutive days of my life were spent in residency at the Wassaic Project. The entire experience of community with artists and Wassaic Project staff, the barn, the mill, and proximity to nature was beyond fortifying on every level."

Kristi Keener
2022 Summer Resident

Four women smiling in an art studio. Three have one foot up on a chair, one is crouched in front.
Left to right: Kristi Keener, Lexy Ho-Tai, Maya Varadaraj, Nicole Banowetz

"Somehow it still feels radical to be both an artist and a mother. My family is loud, we take up space, we have time constraints and schedules. We don’t fit with most art spaces, which is why I will forever sing the praises of the Wassaic Project for welcoming me as an artist with a family. I’m still practicing shaking off the stigmas.”

Jordan Buschur
2022 Family Resident

A man and a woman in a bright orange sweater sit smiling on a porch with their three children.
Jordan Buschur and family

"I want to share my sincere thanks for a wonderful, productive, and stimulating residency this summer! It was such a joy to spend two months at Wassaic. This residency stirred up so many new possibilities, ideas, and potentials. I'll be squeezing the juice out of this experience for many months to come.”

Lauren Ruth
2022 Summer Resident

A woman sitting smiling on top of a pile of Astroturf on a folding table in a white barn studio. A blue net with orange ties hangs above her head.
Lauren Ruth

"I had a great time. I would have stayed longer if it were feasible. Everyone from the staff to the residents were very supportive and was open to any idea that I brought to them. Wassaic Project is truly an open space that will find a way to see your vision come to light."

Ryan Davis
2022 Summer Resident

A smiling man in a jumpsuit sitting on a wooden chair in a well-lit art studio in Luther Barn. Behind him are some in-progress paintings.
Ryan Davis

[The residency] had a very positive and profound impact on me at a time when I really needed some intense studio/sanctuary time away from my usual routine/environment to shake up, regroup, and process some new ideas. So greatly appreciated, and looking forward to future opportunities to return/collaborate with you all.

Michael Hambouz
2022 Summer Resident

A man smiles while standing hunched over an in-progress artwork in his studio.
Michael Hambouz

"My whole life has changed so much thanks to all of you. New friends, new shows, invitation to Italy, etc... I'm so totally grateful to everyone."

Rachel Collier
2021–2022 Winter Resident

A woman stands in front of a large, colorful art rug hung on the wall. A red rugmaking frame outlines the left side of the photo.
Rachel Collier

"Wassaic Project is a wonderful, community-minded residency with staff providing support that is above and beyond. As a family resident, the shorter 2-week residency allowed me a manageable amount of time away to solely focus on my practice. I was able to delve into the research and develop concepts around a new body of work, while also exploring the ample local flora to create inks and dyes to use in the studio."

Janet Wang
2022 Summer Family Resident

A woman in a light pinstripe shirt, shorts, and sandals stands in her studio in a white barn. Her arms are crossed and she is lightly smiling at the camera.
Janet Wang