2019 Summer Exhibition / May 18 to Sep. 2 / Apply through Dec. 7
















Summer Exhibition, July 2012
Photo by Jeff Barnett-Winsby



2018 Summer Exhibition  /  Maxon Mills  /  May 12 to Sep 22  /  Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday















Photo by Walker Esner


Meet the winter crew.

This December through April, we’re hosting 38 artists-in-residence. They’ll work out of Maxon Mills, our seven-story refurbished grain mill, they’ll attend lectures with artists, curators, and academics, and they’ll live alongside each other in our residency houses.

We’ve linked to all their portfolios here. Peruse ‘em, see who’s here in which month, and then stop by their studios at the end of each month to see what they’ve been working on in Wassaic.

 Devin Morris, January 2018 Photo by Walker Esner

Devin Morris, January 2018
Photo by Walker Esner



1 Day, 1 Night, 6 Artists, 7 Bands, 10 Dance Groups, 13 Films













Summer Festival, August 2018
Photo by Walker Esner


Support the arts.

All contributions go directly towards our arts education programs, exhibitions, artist residency, visiting artist lectures, summer festivals, and everything else we’re able to do here at Wassaic Project. 


Art belongs in our schools. And in our communities.

We’re here to support arts education in rural Dutchess County. Whether working with kids in the Art Nest, with teens in local schools, or with adults in workshops and visiting artist lectures, the goal is always the same: create a space where great things can happen.

 Art Nest, August 2017 Photo by Verónica González Mayoral

Art Nest, August 2017
Photo by Verónica González Mayoral



Maxon Mills  /  Every Friday, Saturday, Sunday  /  Drop In Anytime  /  All Ages  /  Free










Art Nest, August 2017
Photo by Verónica González Mayoral


It’s about art.
And it’s about community.

We’re of and for Wassaic, not just in it. Our artists-in-residence live right in town. We work out of refurbished historic buildings. And we keep most of our festivals and exhibitions free and open to the public. Wassaic is our home, and that informs everything we do.

This local work is our way of setting a national example for revitalizing rural areas. We believe that by supporting an international community of emerging artists, we support the economic development of our region.


Making it happen.

Meet our co-directors: Eve, Bowie, and Jeff. Since the festival that started it all in 2008, they’ve dedicated themselves — alongside our community, our staff, and our board of directors — to bringing up emerging artists, revitalizing Wassaic and the surrounding region through the arts, and creating a model for other rural communities. They live and raise their families in Wassaic. After hours, you can usually find them hanging out at The Lantern. Come say hello.

 Winter Benefit, February 2016

Winter Benefit, February 2016