Now year-round!
Apply between Dec 3 and Jan 14 for the 2019 Summer Residency


We recognize that artists who have families often opt-out of peer community building for practical reasons: residencies don’t often take children, events happen late at night, and childcare is expensive. Bowie, Jeff, and Eve (Wassaic Project Co-Founders) have kids, and are artists too. They have families that they want to be with and not away from. And they also want to connect with other artist peer groups and build community. 

So our family residents get access to all the same programming and support as their fellow residents: studio space in Maxon Mills (winter) or Luther Barn (summer), visiting artist lectures, our Studio Visits program, our wood shop, and invites to hang out at The Lantern. Family residents are especially encouraged to bring their kids by the Art Nest, our free, drop-in artmaking space for kids.

Families live in the Schoolhouse, a little red house five minutes from the Mill. It has three bedrooms, a full kitchen, living room, studio space in the basement, and two bathrooms. It allows for some privacy without being isolating. 

We accept Family Residency proposals for 1 to 8 weeks and work with each family to accommodate their specific needs.



Two to three times per month, creative professionals will visit to give public lectures and make one-on-one studio visits with creative professionals our residents. Our embedded critics, Adam and Lauren (of Ghost of a Dream), will lead group studio visits.

All artists are also invited to participate in a monthly evening of artist’s talks and presentations, and are encouraged to be available on the last Saturday of every month to participate in our Open Studios program.


fees, fellowships, and financial assistance

The value of the Family Residency is $1900 per month — which includes studio space, housing, and extensive programming, performance, and exhibition opportunities. But thanks to continued support from our donors and granting organizations, all residencies are offered at $900 per month.

We are, however, able to offer up to $300 in need-based (as self-reported in their applications) financial assistance to residents for whom it would be impossible to attend without financial support, .

Residents with education experience are encouraged to apply for our Education Fellowship, which awards no-fee 2-3 month residencies in exchange for extensive participation in our education programming. 


Collaborators and partners

We love collaborative teams — two heads are better than one, etc. etc. Teams and couples willing to share a bedroom and a studio may share the cost of enrollment, but couples who need separate studios should apply separately.



Applicants are evaluated by a review committee composed of our Co-Directors , Residency Director and professionals in the field. Residents are selected based on the quality of their work, commitment to their practice, and ability to interact positively with the community at large.


Photos by Walker Esner, Verónica González Mayoral, Delano Dunn, and Anna