General questions

What is the Summer Exhibition?

Our annual Summer Exhibition is up from May 20 through mid-September and open to the public every weekend (including the weekend of our Summer Festival). The exhibition includes the work of roughly 80 emerging artists, who have either participated in the Wassaic Artist Residency Program or have applied through our Open Call. The exhibition is housed in Maxon Mills, an historic grain elevator in the heart of Wassaic. View images of our 2016 Summer Exhibition here.

What is the Summer Festival program?

We curate a program of performance and temporary installation for our Summer Festival, the first weekend in August — August 4 – August 6, 2017. The Wassaic Project Summer Festival is a free, annual celebration of art, music, dance, and community, and attracts over 4,000 visitors a year. Read more about the projects included in our 2016 Summer Festival Program here.

What does the Summer Exhibition space look like?

The exhibition is housed in Maxon Mills, a historic grain elevator in the heart of Wassaic. It’s not a traditional gallery space, so it presents unique challenges and opportunities when installing artwork (including dust and humidity).

Am I required to attend the festival?

Short answer: No, not required.

Long answer: Our summer festivals are community events, and we think it’s important for our artists to make it a priority to be a part of that community. To that end, we give preference to artists who will attend the festival. If you are unable to attend the festival, please state why in your proposal.

Are artists required to volunteer for the festival?

Nope. Much the opposite: we encourage artists not to volunteer so they have maximum time to meet other artists, buyers, and performers, and to relax.




When are applications open?
October 22 to December 7.

What kind of work are you looking for, really?

In our exhibitions, we show all mediums including: 2D work, sculpture, video, new media and installation. For our summer festivals, we curate performance pieces and temporary installations. There is no specific genre we are looking for. Maxon Mills, Luther Barn, and the surrounding areas are unique and inspiring spaces conducive to site-specific installations and performances.

In general, be as specific as you are able in your proposal as to how your work might integrate into our space. Show us relevant work, and tell us how it relates to your proposed installation.

Can I do an installation outdoors?

Yep! For both the Summer Festival and the Summer Exhibition. In your proposal, be sure to include any available documentation of similar installations you’ve made.

Can I do a performance?

Yep! We curate a series of performances for our summer festivals. In your proposal, be sure to include any available documentation of similar performances you’ve done.

Is it necessary to visit Wassaic before I submit work?

Short answer: No, not necessary.

Long answer: It’s definitely a good idea. Artists submitting proposals for site specific installations and performances are strongly encouraged to familiarize themselves with our spaces and submit proposals accordingly. Preference is given to artists who consider our space in their proposals. Accepted artists will be able to arrange site visits during the spring to work out the details of their proposal. Accepted artists making site-specific installations are required to do a site visit before installing and check in with the our Co-Directors during install.

I’m a mid-career or established artist, should I still apply?
Yes! Our applicant pool usually consists mostly of emerging artists, but we encourage everyone to apply.

Are applications open to international artists?

Do I need to apply if I was a Wassaic resident in the past year?

Yep. No application fee, though, and you’ll get preferred consideration during the review process. If you have not been contacted by the Wassaic Project already, please email hello@wassaicproject.org.

How does the review process work?
Applicants are evaluated by our Co-Directors — Eve, Bowie, and Jeff — and Wassaic Project staff. Artists are selected based on the quality of the work and how well a given piece fits alongside other pieces selected for the show.

Don’t overthink this — there’s no one thing we’re looking for, and we’re always open to creative new uses of Maxon Mills as an exhibition space.




Am I required to install my own piece?


If you are unable to install your piece yourself or you require special circumstances, time, or equipment, please state them in your proposal and we will try to accommodate your needs. Artists must be responsible for their own work.

When is install?

Installation will begin in late April or early May.

What if I need an extended period of time to install?

For more involved installations, please explain your installation process in your proposal and we can work out an alternate schedule. If your installation takes place over multiple days, you are invited to camp for free on our campgrounds during your install period. We’ve got clean running water, port-o-potties, and garbage cans. And there’s a lovely stream nearby for taking a dip, to boot.

How can I get my work up to the show?

Artists are responsible for getting their work to and from the Wassaic Project.

Work may be delivered in the following ways:

  1. Bring your piece up with you during the install period on the train, by car, by carpool with other artists.

  2. You may mail your piece to the Wassaic Project if you make arrangements beforehand. Please state if you will need to mail your piece, whether you need someone else to install it, and why in your proposal and we will try to accommodate you. Please note that you will be responsible for the cost of shipping your work to and from Wassaic.

How do I get to Wassaic?

We’re accessible by car and by Metro-North’s Harlem line. More details here.

Do I need a car during install?

Nope, but it makes things easier — especially if your installation takes place over multiple days.

If you do not have a car, we recommend that you plan carefully and bring all the things you will need to install your work.

What should I bring to install?

Everything you need, including art (obviously), hardware, and tools.

Lighting is provided, but if you have special requirements you should bring what you need to best light your work.

Can I store the materials I used to pack and store my work in Wassaic?

Yep, we can store your cardboard, boxes or other packing materials until de-install as long as they are clearly labeled with your name.

When is de-install?

De-install will take place over a weekend in late September, after the closing of the Summer Exhibition.

How do we get our work back?

Work is to be picked up during the de-install period. The artist is responsible for the packaging and picking up of their work, unless you have arranged otherwise beforehand (please state this in your proposal).



Fees and Commissions

Why’s there a submission fee?

It’s a full-time job curating our summer programming — we need to pay our staff! But we try to keep the submission fee as low as possible so it isn’t a deterrent to submitting work.

That said, if the application fee makes the difference between applying and not applying, email hello@wassaicproject.org and we’ll work something out.

How much commission does the Wassaic Project take from sold works?


That money goes directly to the costs of putting on the exhibition and festival. We ask that in recognition of the press outreach and contact building we do on our artists behalf, artists let us know about any sales they make directly as a result of their participation in the exhibition. We also ask that artists donate 10% of all such sales within one year from the exhibition to the Wassaic Project.

If you are an accepted artist with commercial gallery representation, please email eve@wassaicproject.org to discuss gallery commission. We regularly work with represented artists and their galleries.