Dadisi Curtis Jr

2023 Print Fellow

On March 11th 1994 Dadisi Curtis Jr, was born to an interracial couple in Canton Ohio. Living within the city and experiencing numerous influential events has inspired him to share this unique perspective. Graduating from McKinley Senior high school in 2012 then with a bachelors in fine art from Kent State University After achieving a masters of arts he is currently working toward a masters of fine arts at the University of Iowa in printmaking . He strives to challenging systems of oppression including: the prison industrial complex, classism, Eurocentric beauty standards and other systemic racial structures. Print media is a the primary form of execution, as it lends itself to mass production and establishment of a shared community.

One of the defining characteristics of the work is the use of black light or ultraviolet light as a frame work for the alternative perspectives. White light is the view that most individuals reside within, this is the lens that most Americans dwell within. It adheres to a view that is generally accepted and welcome. The shift to black light is subtle but it represents a hidden view. Ultraviolet light is requires a shift in how one views the world. It is a light that most live within, only dipping into white light when conforming is required. The purpose is to show a dramatic shift that alters how you view the world around you.

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