Scott Anderson

Board Member Emeritus

Life in NYC had been hectic, in-between managing my work at a technology company and my involvement with economic development, housing, and education organizations. But when, in 2009, I DJ'ed a benefit at the Maxon Mills, I was immediately hit by the wonder of the old buildings and the DIY, can-do attitude. It was infectious.

That DJ set led to my role as Music Director starting in 2010. Alongside co-director Tim 'Love' Lee, it's created some magical and proud memories for me. And now that I serve on the board, I've been able to focus more and more of my time and energy here in Wassaic—deepening our engagement locally while broadening the impact of the organization regionally.

Because along the way, Wassaic has become a place where I feel free to be myself, to experiment with self-expression. And my family, too, will always be indebted to the Wassaic Project for coaxing our inner artists out of us.

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