Siel Timperman

Programming Coordinator

Working for the Wassaic Project completely changed my life, in direct and indirect ways. On a professional level, having a background in law, this taste of the non-profit world was highly refreshing. On a personal level, my coworkers, the artists-in-residence, volunteers and local community completely changed my outlook on life. The Wassaic Project has a magical tendency to attract amazing people. The caliber of the art produced and shown in the mill is truly outstanding — and so are the people who are creating, showing and facilitating it.

I am originally from Belgium. But, after meeting my husband in the mill building, I stuck around and am now a proud resident of Dutchess County. When the pandemic uprooted everybody’s life, including mine, I returned to the legal field, where I still am today. In my free time you can find me restoring midcentury furniture in my backyard.

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